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Side Mounted Level Switches

Single Mounted Level Switches

Side mounted switches have the distinct advantage of being able to be installed directly at the level a contact is desired.

National's side mounts were designed to be superior to typical horizontally mounted switches. They are compact, with floats that can pass through a 1/2" NPT female boss.
The SMLS line also features counter balanced float arms, which allow them to function in low specific gravity fluids. They are modular in design and can be built with various straight and NPT fittings. The bodies of our side mounts are machined out of stainless steel pipe, making it the strongest and most durable switch on the market.

The SMLS line is available in all stainless steel or brass with stainless or Buna floats.

Thermostat switches can be added to most units to supply contacts for high or low cutoffs/alarms.

Standard models:

  • P/N 81504 All S.S. with 3/4" x 1/2" mounting & 50va reed switch
  • P/N 80973 All S.S. with 1/2" x 1/2" mounting & 50va reed switch

Example Drawings: