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Series 80000 Tank Level Indicators

Series 80000 Tank Level Indicators

Remote Fuel Oil Indicators: Engineered specifically for residential and small commercial above ground and under ground fuel oil tanks. Systems were designed to assure adequate oil supply without requiring going outside or down basement stairs.

All systems include an industrial quality brass probe, an attractive LED indicator panel, and a plug in power supply. The probe or sending unit mounts in the oil tank and provides a direct contact with the oil level. The indicator panel displays the amount of product in the tank. The system is powered up by the plug in transformer and can be spliced in anywhere in between the probe and panel. As easy to install as a doorbell!

A 2'x 3/8" NPT reducer bushing is needed for all above ground tank applications.

National has pre-engineered systems to fit most above and under ground tanks!

  • P/N 80001 275-330 Gallon vertical tank
  • P/N 80012 275-330 Gallon horizontal tank

Tank Warmers: Engineered to combat the thickening and congealing that can occur during cold weather months in above ground tanks. These systems were designed specifically for 275-330 Gallon vertical and horizontal heating oil tanks.

Each system includes a brass heating tube and a plug in power supply. The tube mounts in the top of the tanks just like our indicators. A reducer bushing is needed to provide the correct mounting.

  • P/N 80083 275-330 Gallon vertical tank
  • P/N 80084 275-330 Gallon horizontal tank

LPG Indicators: Designed only for horizontal above ground LPG tanks. Replaces the existing gauge face and gives you a remote readout via an indicator panel.

  • P/N 88000 LPG conversion for "Rochester" JR tank gauges
  • P/N 88002 LPG conversion for "Taylor" tank gauges

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