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Multi Level Sensors

Multi Level SensorsMulti-Level Sensors are a single tubular sensor that may contain multiple discreet sealed contacts. This design enables you to perform several functions with one piece of equipment. They install easily and quickly with a variety of mounting types.
Nationals' multi-level sensors are available in Stainless Steel, Brass & Buna, PVC and Polypropylene.

Employing low-mass hermetically sealed magnetic contacts, MLS (multi-level sensors) are not usually affected by vibration or shock, and therefore are used in applications where engines, generators, and other types of heavy machinery operate.
This includes general marine and industrial applications. Generator Sets, Fuel Cells, Compressors, Lubrication Systems, Fuel Storage, and Hydraulic Tanks, are just some of the areas these sensors have been used successfully.

When you need to start or stop pumps, open or close solenoid valves, provide spill prevention with High Alarm contacts, prevent fuel or lubrication run out with Low Alarm contacts, startup or prevent operations with a level operated interlocking contact, even detect higher or lower than desired temperatures in these liquids, (such as hydraulic fluid) MLS Sensors can handle the requirement cost effectively.

MLS sensors have been constructed as small as a drinking straw and up to fifteen feet in length in various materials. Miniature floats accommodate smaller volume tanks, while larger heavier floats are used in viscous liquids or liquids containing particulate. Because they are built to work under conditions that are specified, most MLS sensors provide very long service life, in many cases 12-18 years have been reported in Marine applications! No "off the shelf general purpose control" can provide this type of service length or reliability.

Use the "menu" in our DESIGNERS GUIDE to become familiar with the features available for your sensor. Then call our 800# to discuss your application with one of our sales engineers. Let us show you how easy this process can be. With our unique modular engineering and construction techniques, sensors can be specified, manufactured and shipped with incredibly short lead times.

For use in larger tanks, vessels, storage containers, equipment, etc.
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