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Bottle Sensors

Bottle SensorsThe ETS or "Bottle" Sensors as we call them, are a versatile sensor used to provide level sensing and control in Engine Monitoring Systems, Compressor sumps, coolant systems, reduction gears, crankcases, and other applications that require a level sensor to be installed outside of the tank proper. In this manner turbulence is avoided. Extreme temperatures which may be injurious to the sensing device, are often minimized by allowing heat loss in the lines connecting the sensor to the sump. Augers, and other devices present in a process cannot interfere with the ETS, mounted safely outside the tank or vessel. Using appropriate valving, the ETS may be easily removed for cleaning or maintenance purposes without disturbing tank contents. Our exclusively unique design allows the P/N 80775 to actuate when flooded, even without connecting the vent line, offering flexibility, and potential cost savings during installations!

The ETS Series encompasses a variety of "Bottles." Pictured is the LOW COST OEM Bottle. ETS may be constructed with multiple levels, multiple floats, other types of fittings and mounting considerations. Inquire at the factory for other configurations. The ETS can also be fitted with a thermostat for detecting temperatures below or above normal ranges in addition to level control.


Temperature Max 300 degrees F
Pressure Max 750 PSIG
Materials 304-316 SS
Float SPG .65
Leadwires UL3266 24" Long
Conduit Connector .5" NPT
P/N 80075
Port Size .75" NPT
Switch Type 20W SPDT

  • Senses Levels from Outside the Tank
  • Easily Removed for Cleaning
  • Actuates With or Without Venting
  • Integral Mounting Bracket
  • All SS with SPDT Contacts Standard