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Bilge / Sump Switches

Bilge/Sump SwitchesBilge switches are a versatile sensor used to provide level sensing in the holds or lower levels in commercial vessels and ships, or in industrial sumps or containment areas. The built-in protective shield protects the sensor from trash, floating debris, or other physical inference that could prevent reliable operation. Pictured is just one of the many variations of the Bilge Sensor They may be constructed with multiple levels, multiple floats, other types of fittings, and mounting considerations. Inquire at the factory for other configurations. They can also be fitted with a thermostat for detecting temperatures below or above normal ranges, in addition to being used for automatic pump control. Typical uses are to provide contact closures for alarm panels that monitor voids, shaft alleys, and other sump areas that may be in hard to reach areas. Available with a self-checking feature.


Temperature Max 200 degrees F
Pressure Max 750 PSIG
Materials 304-316 SS
Float SPG .55
Cable Length - 6 feet UL Type SJOW
P/N 81163

  • Senses Levels In Containment Areas
  • Easily Installed At Any Level
  • Protected By Transparent Housing
  • Integral Mounting Bracket
  • Designed for Rugged Service