Since 1978 NATIONAL’S corporate mission has been to meet the needs of customers by supplying top quality custom liquid level switches, controls, indicators and accessories faster than any other company in our industry. Over the years NATIONAL has added many standard products which are available off the shelf. We are pleased to offer this product guide to you and we are confident it will help you specify a product to meet your liquid level control needs. Please call our sales engineering staff for personal, prompt, technical assistance if you have any questions about our products or any liquid level control application.


“National Magnetic has great customer service, fair pricing and a friendly and knowledgeable staff. They will always go the extra step to help their customers.”

- George S. CT

“I’ve been working with and purchasing from National Magnetics for almost 20 years. Their customer service is great and their product quality is the highest. I will be doing business with them for many more years.”

- Jim P. OH

“I have ordered 200 or more float switches and other types of sending units per year from National Magnetic Sensors for almost 20 years. I have never had a problem or any defect with any of their products. They are dependable. There has been many instances where I was late placing an order and they always come through to help me get the job done on time.”

- Tim S. VA

“In 2001 I bought two remote tank sensor kits for 275 gallon oil tanks. These have been the best solution we could have done on the apartments (the tenants are responsible for having the tanks filled). They can see the LED panel as they walk by. One system needs a new part, but I am very impressed on the trouble free years that these items have provided for me. Customer service was spot on when I needed to order the new part. A very happy customer!”

- Jeff G. ME